Xeo is the most hip way to listen to music. And Xeo minimizes the system to the essentials: The audio source and the speakers. The amplifier is integrated into Xeo, so you no longer need speaker cables; hook-up is automatic.

A Xeo system is comprised of a pair of the compact Xeo 3 or floorstanding Xeo 5 loudspeakers, a Xeo remote control, and the Xeo transmitter. The wireless speakers and transmitter connect digitally via a radio signal. Up to four individual sources may be connected to the Xeo transmitter, which sends the audio signal to the wireless receiver in the Xeo speakers.

Any analogue or digital music source can be used: Hi-fi system preamp, flat screen TV, computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, CD player, network player, streaming player, DVD/Blu-ray, tuner, turntable, docking station and much more. And the best news is: With Dynaudio sound quality every and any music source sounds better than you could ever imagine!



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