Welcome, Melco! The Story of Resurrected Audio



Sight+Sound Gallery has a new brand to offer audiophiles, and it’s Melco Audio! Though this company has actually been around for a long time with its flagship product being the 3560 Turntable System. Now they offer network audio. It’s actually a fascinating story of a company’s resurrected HiFi audio business. The audio company was put on hold in order to build Melco Holdings Inc. only to be reintroduced as a networked audio component manufacturer, combining its HiFi roots with the Holding company's high tech, R&D, and manufacturing.


Maki Engineering Laboratory Company (Melco) originated in Japan in 1975 by audiophiles creating high-performing audio components for fellow audio enthusiasts who understood that music source was the most critical component in a complete Hi-Fi system. Now they focus on components for digital audio. The world of HiFi audio is ever-changing, and Melco found it necessary to adapt to the changing preferences of the consumer. Today they cater to the traditional audiophile as well as the digital music lovers. With a real source component to access, store, and deliver Hi-Res audio, Melco offers the opportunity for music lovers to finally enjoy studio quality Hi-Res digital music without any compromise.


At Sight+Sound Gallery, the Audiophile's Paradise, we are your digital experts. That is why we also see the need in upgrading equipment to be suitable for digital audio. We realize that the majority of our customer base is digital, so we stream all of our music for our customers in-store and the technology is ever-changing. As far as Melco, upon listening to the high-performing equipment like the N1A streamer, you can tell why it is truly an award-winning device. See the awards here and here! In the age of digital technology being at the forefront of audio equipment, Sight+Sound Gallery continuously searches for the ideal music source to offer our customer base.


Shop Melco Audio with confidence from Sight+Sound Gallery, and trust that we bring you the very best HiFi audio equipment we can find.


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