T+A stands for Theory and Application in the field of audio technology. That means we devise, create and fine-tune Hi-Fi components of the highest quality, with the aim of developing fully mature High-End products for our customers all over the world. We have been based in Herford, Eastern Westphalia, since 1978, and that is the hub of our development and practical work. The design briefs for our products include no restrictions, and no expense or effort is too great in our endeavour to achieve sonic perfection. The typical characteristics of our products speak for themselves: extremely long product cycles, extended useful life, and comprehensive retro-fit facilities make a T+A system more than just a music system – it's an investment for the future. T+A

We produce technology that we’re proud of. Our team of experts – consisting of physicists, engineers and technologists – considers, designs and builds genuine acoustic treasures for you, our customers. We have no interest in the mass market, as our sole purpose is to satisfy the most stringent requirements. This is the only way we believe we can achieve the ambitious goals which we set ourselves. All the important components are designed and created in-house, and all our equipment is manufactured in Germany. In countless international reviews our products – from the classic valve amplifier to the ultra-modern network player – have proved themselves to be amongst the best in the world.



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