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We think that listening to music in your home should be easy – plain and simple. That's why we create home automation systems that let you play what you want, where you want, when you want.

Each room of your house is technically engineered and designed to perform particular activities and serve specialized purposes. This specialization also provides opportunities for versatility: your kitchen can become a space for entertaining, your living room can transform into the perfect spot for an afternoon nap, and your bedroom can convert into an office or study area. And with a Multi-Room Media Server, you can make those changes with the touch of the finger.

Streaming your favorite podcast, music library, and local radio station is simple. And with a Multi-Room Media Server, streaming all of these at the same time in different rooms is blissfully simple. Multi-Room Media Servers are customizable audio systems that make it possible for you to control what plays in every room of your home with ease – anytime. Each room is connected to a central media player, so they can each be controlled from multiple sources like a smartphone, iPad, or computer.

Spaces need different levels of sound quality and power, and Sight + Sound makes it easy to customize your system to perfectly suit your home. With an expansive inventory of speakers and gear that runs the gamut in terms of size and function, we'll help you visualize how Multi-Room Media can transform every room in your home.

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