Weiss Chiron Analog Balanced XLR Cable (1m)

  • Weiss Engineering manufactures the CHIRON cables for the reason to make sure their customers are using proper cables in conjunction with their electronic equipment. Weiss makes sure the cables's technical properties adhere to the standards used in audio. This may sound like a logical thing, but unfortunately not all cables on the market are made with those things in mind.

    CHIRON cables have been developed with utmost transparency as the main design goal. Both the analog and digital balanced interconnects with XLR connectors are unshielded for very low stray capacitance effects. They exhibit cable geometries with extremely tight tolerances for a constant impedance.

    CHIRON cables use Nomex sleeves for excellent mechanical durability and beautiful looks. Connectors are gold plated and manufactured to tight tolerances.

  • Available Color

    • All in white, expect CHIRON-Glass1 which is orange.

    Cable Models

    • CHIRON-Analog1 is an interconnect for analog connections with XLR connectors. The cable is not shielded. Standard length is1 meter.

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