Vicoustic Super Bass Extreme Stacker Base

  • This product can be used together with B00164 Super Bass Extreme and B00624 Super Bass Extreme Premium. If you intend to stack several Super Bass Extreme panels on top of each other, this base will come in handy. It makes the stack stable. This is a very clever solution if you don't intend to glue your panels to the wall.
  • Main Info

    Ref: U00013 (Cherry), U00014 (Light Brown), U00015 (Nordic Birch), U00016 (Black Wood), U00017 (White Wood)
    EAN13: 5600301846427
    HS-Code: 44101110


    Units Per Box: 1
    Pallet Dimensions: 510 x 510 x 100 mm
    Box Weight: 2.750 kg
    Box Volume: 0.026 m3

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