Triangle Elara Series - LN02 Center Channel Speaker

  • The LN02 is the perfect addition to your home theater setup. As it is equipped with drivers that have the same membrane as the rest of the range, the sonic homogeneity is ensured. Its compact size allows easy integration into your living room; it can be hidden in furniture, as its reflex ports are positioned on the front.


    Intuitive, daring and minimalistic - the Elara speaker range breaks the rules of classic hifi with an innovative design. The speakers are a true source of pleasure, which fits well within any interior. Universal and versatile - Elara’s warm sound delivers great listening pleasure, no matter what styles of music you prefer. You will never think of high-fidelity the same way again.


    Only the essential remains and lets you focus on what matters most : the music.

    Elara speakers feature a reflective black or white piano lacquered finish. Every detail - proportions, finish and gloss - has been chosen to make your speakers integrate seamlessly with other parts of your interior design.

    However, from the very first notes, Elara moves to the forefront and becomes the center of your room.


    From the very first note, Elara’s smooth and warm sound is evident. The newly developed soft-dome tweeter and the concave bass/ midrange drivers give Elara the distinctive powerful bass tones and detailed sound emblematic of TRIANGLE speakers.

    The overall soundstage is perfectly balanced, and delivers any music or sound played through them in a full, detailed way that brings it to life.

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