Thorens TD 903 Turntable

  • Paying homage to the legendary TD 150 and TD 160 models of the sixties and seventies, Thorens has reinterpreted the sub-chassis turntable with a state-of-the-art, ground-up development using the latest materials. The 130-year old audio company has taken several steps with the new 900s to dampen vibrations at every point, with the motor mounted directly onto the sub-chassis, which powers the belt-drive sub-platter. Further more, that sub-chassis is suspended on adjustable conical springs.

    According to Thorens, “Highest fidelity and dynamics were our main priorities during the development of the 900 turntable series. However, we also placed great importance on user-friendliness, a timeless aesthetics as well as flexible configuration and upgrade options while retaining the traditional sub-chassis design.”

    The Thorens TD-903 turntable’s sub-chassis is made of triCom, an Aluminum composite characterized by excellent damping properties and high stiffness. The weight has been optimized for high performance. To reduce vibrations, the synchronous AC motor is mounted directly onto the damped sub-chassis driving the sub-platter via a machined precision belt. The sub-chassis is suspended by means of three conical springs that can be adjusted from above in order to achieve uniform tension. The bearing is made of bronze with a Teflon thrust pad and optimized for smooth running. The steel axle supported therein provides very low, constant friction and thus presents a uniform load to the motor. Two of the turntable’s three feet can be leveled from above, which facilitates setup.

  • Features:

    • Thorens TP92 9” tone arm
    • Glass platter
    • Turntable feet with triCom and viscose foam insert, adjustable
    • triCom base plate


    • Operation: Manual
    • Drive: Precision-machined flat belt (inside)
    • Motor: Newly developed, fully electronically controlled and stabilized AC synchronous motor - plinth-mounted control board, fine speed adjustment of speed
    • Speeds: 33 1/3, 45 rpm, electronic
    • Platter: Aluminium sub-platter, frosted quartz glass outer platter, 2.7-kg
    • Damping: Visco/propylene layer in the spring element
    • Base plate: MDF
    • Armboard: MDF
    • Tonearm: TP 92/9“, other tonearms on request
    • Anti-skating: Magnetic
    • PSU: External NT 900 electronic unit, 230/115V, 50/60 Hz
    • Connection: 2 x RCA unbalanced, 1 earth post, 1 mains terminal
    • Dimensions: 470 x 380 x 190 mm
    • Weight: 8,5 kg
    • White or anthracite structured enamel, Zebrano

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