Thorens MM-008 MM/MC Phono Stage

  • A phono preamp converts your turntable's Phono output signal into a line level or AUX signal.

    The Thorens MM-008 is a step up from the Thorens MM-002, specifically in adding a low output moving coil input and a MM input.  When compared with the MM-002, the MM-008 will have more transparency, more treble and more bass resolution.

    Highly versatile and easy to use, the MM 008 Phono Pre-amplifier can be adjusted to match the tonal characteristics of your pick-up cartridge, ranging from an MM setting to three different MC settings. Simply insert the supplied resistive load plugs into the back panel.  Plug and play meets high-quality analog replay.

    Thorens MM-008 Phono Stage works with both Moving Magnet (MM) and Moving Coil (MC) Cartridges, making it a great choice over the Thorens MM-002.

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