Tannoy CMS 803DC Q In-Ceiling Speaker

  • 8" Full Range Ceiling Loudspeaker with Dual Concentric Driver with Q-Centric Waveguide for Installation Applications (Blind Mount)
    • Full range ceiling loudspeaker for installation applications
    • 90 Watts continuous, 360 Watts peak power
    • Next generation 8" Dual Concentric driver featuring Omnimagnet technology
    • Q-Centric waveguide for tighter vertical or horizontal pattern control
    • Torus Ogive waveguide for improved high frequency response and directivity
    • Blind Mount version supplied with acoustically enhanced zinc plated steel back can
    • Integrated single unit construction for ease of installation
    • UL 1480 certified for general signalling systems
    • UL 2043 certified for air-handling spaces
    • Multiple transformer taps for 70 V and 100 V line systems or 16 Ohm direct input
    • Low insertion loss 60 W line transformer with easily accessible tapping switch
    • Optimized for LAB GRUPPEN low impedance LUCIA amplifiers with up to 8 CMS series loudspeakers per channel
    • Semi matte white finish fits unobtrusively in any environment
    • Powder coated UV resistant perforated steel mesh grille with dust protection
    • Removable magnetic grille for custom painting
    • Optional ARCO designer grilles available for minimal architectural impact
    • Self-aligning 5 way clamp mounting system
    • Mounting C-ring and ceiling tile rails included
    • 10-Year Warranty Program*
    • Designed and engineered in the U.K.
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