T+A MP 8 High End Multi Source CD Player & Streamer

  • The MP 8 looks small and inconspicuous. At first glance the casual observer may think it is just a classic CD player, but its true capabilities extend far beyond this. The MP 8 multi-source player houses a first-class CD mechanism; a high-performance digital tuner offering FM, FM-HD and DAB+ reproduction; a high-quality Bluetooth streaming module for receiving music from mobile devices, a streaming client with Internet radio and music services for connection to the home network via LAN and WLAN, USB Master Mode and HD streaming plus a digital connecting board with inputs for external sources (two USB device mode and three HD-S/PDIF).

    The wide range of connections allows external equipment to exploit the machine’s superb signal processing to the full. The MP 8 can provide any converter with high-quality audio data (up to 192 kHz) via its S/P-DIF output, but the perfect match is our DAC 8 DSD. The SYS OUT and DAC 8 LINK outputs are used to exchange control data and transmit audio signals with optimal routing to the DAC 8 DSD. When using the T + A App, the entire Series-8 system is controlled via the MP 8.

    Please note: the MP 8 is not a computer; it is a high-end audio device incorporating many supplementary functions designed to ensure that all modern digital sources can be used, reproduced and processed to a D/A converter in the highest possible quality.

    The MP 8 delivers a stunning experience in sound reproduction, and finally exploits the full potential of digital music sources.

    T+A was one of the first High-End manufacturers to install additional digital sources in its CD players. This was an unusual idea, but can now be seen to be a consistent and logical approach. T+A calld these devices Multi Source Players, and all their  High-End series now include them. T+A's design engineers were asked to integrate five high-quality digital sources in the very small case of the Series 8 range, and this represented a particular challenge to them.

    The first source is a high-quality CD mechanism boasting very fast access times, and its error correction is outstandingly good. Although the CD has been very largely superseded by streamed content, it is very clear that T+A customers still harbor the wish to be able to play CDs. They have developed a disc mechanism featuring refined mechanical design and a floating suspension. It just barely finds space in the small cabinet of the MP 8.

    The machine’s second digital source is the streaming client (SCL), which takes the form of a network-enabled processor board designed with audiophile sound performance in mind. It features USB Master mode ports as well as WLAN and LAN ports. The board creates a high-quality connection to networks and the Internet, and is capable of streaming audio data using UPnP at up to HD quality (192/24). We deliberately eschewed a standard computer solution, as its high-frequency interference signals would have had an adverse effect on sound quality.

    The SCL is a T+A development and supports high-resolution formats, music services and media servers, and includes the convenient air-able Internet radio service at no charge.

    The digital tuner is the third of the MP 8’s digital sources. Fully digital intermediate frequency (IF), demodulation and stereo decoder stages ensure that the tuner provides outstanding sound quality. It has excellent sensitivity, high crosstalk attenuation and overload margins, and sounds excellent when using cable and aerial systems. The tuner delivers FM, FM-HD and DAB+ radio services, and offers Radiotext, presets and various supplementary functions depending on the service selected.

    A high-quality Bluetooth receiver module forms the fourth digital source. Its purpose is to transfer music files from mobile devices at very high quality using aptX® technology. This process makes it possible to transfer data – such as uncompressed FLAC files – even using the limited bandwidth available with a Bluetooth radio link.

    The fifth digital source is the digital connecting board featuring three digital inputs. This is used to connect any external sour­ces – such as set-top boxes, drives, digital recorders and players – at HD quality . The jitter-free S/P DIF digital output allows the connection of any external D/A converter.

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