T+A Criterion TCD 315 S Floor Standing Speaker

  • With a height of just 85 cm, the TCD 315 S is the smallest and slimmest floor-standing speaker in the TCD series. Its construction is very similar to that of the other floor-standers; the speaker is fitted with the same mid-range and treble drivers as the TCD 310, while the bass units are simply a little smaller. In spite of its small stature, the TCD 315 S constitutes another fully mature speaker with a very long transmission line, which is folded several times within the cabinet. The two 15 cm bass units with low natural resonance are matched accurately to the transmission line, and their extremely hard, embossed carbon cones generate very low, accurate bass at high pressure.

    The 15 cm mid-range unit and waveguide dome tweeter form an acoustic unit which provides constant radiation characteristics in the transitional area between mid-range and treble (CD = Constant Directivity). The waveguide dome is positioned below the mid-range driver, and this, combined with the carefully calculated design of the crossover unit, creates an acoustic axis in the mid / treble range which rises with increasing distance from the speaker, thereby compensating for the speaker’s low height. The result is brilliant reproduction of the mid / treble range in the area well above the cabinet itself


    Criterion loudspeakers are fitted with sophisticated, double-sided, three-way cross-over units (FSR). We developed this technology with the aim of eliminating the slightest trace of crosstalk by keeping the earth and signal lines separate. The cross-overs are of uncompromising construction, and all components are low-tolerance types selected for minimum possible losses.

    The circuits are optimized for the best possible transient and frequency response characteristics, are effortlessly capable of processing extremely high levels, and drive all three frequency ranges perfectly. This cross-over technology plays a crucial role in the outstanding spatial imaging, transient handling and dispersion characteristics of TCD speakers. It also permits the use of genuine bi-wiring or bi-amping, because we completely separate the bass from the mid-range / treble by using separate sections on the circuit boards.

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