T+A Criterion TCD 310 S Floor Standing Speaker

  • The TCD 310 S is the smallest floor-stander in the TCD series, although it extends to a good metre high, so it is not really small. It is of very similar construction to the TCD 210 S; just the mid-range and bass units are slightly smaller.

    The TCD 310 S is another fully developed transmission-line floor-standing speaker with a very long line. Two 17cm bass units with low free air resonance are accurately tuned to the transmission line, and their extremely hard, embossed carbon cones generate very deep, accurate bass at high pressure.  Two 15 cm mid-range units and the Waveguide high-frequency dome form an acoustic unit which we have designated CD - Constant Directivity.

    The mid-range units are ingenious designs which effortlessly cover the full vocal range from 250 to 2000 Hz, and their dynamic, lively nature creates an amazingly natural sound. The use of two mid-range drivers helps to optimize the speakers' radiation characteristics as well as dramatically increasing their ability to handle high levels.

    The TCD 310 S is fitted with a sophisticated double-sided three-way crossover unit (FSR). The circuit effortlessly processes even the highest signal levels, and ensures that the three frequency ranges are matched perfectly to the drive units. The impressive imaging and radiation qualities over the full frequency range are directly due to the design of this cross-over unit. 

    The TCD 310 S's cones feature an impressed stiffening texture which prevents distortion even at very high acceleration and level. The low-profile surround provides accurate cone excursion and permits greatly extended throws. The result is that the speaker is capable of generating tremendously deep, dynamic and clean bass which is unique for this size of cabinet.

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