T+A Cala SR Receiver

  • The Streaming Receiver

    The CALA® SR is one of our most elegant products. It is designed with the purist in mind, manufactured using only the finest materials available, and equipped with the very latest technology. If wished, the plinth of CALA® receivers can be illuminated, since we have integrated an LED strip light in the rear part of the machine’s back plate. For ambient lighting you can choose between different color modes and white, blue, green and red light, and the intensity of the lighting is user-variable.

    It is a compact, relatively small multi-talent to which the term “receiver” no longer does justice. In truth it forms the universal command center of a complete Hi-Fi system. In spite of its small dimensions it contains a fully-featured integrated amplifier with a tremendous range of connection facilities, with powerful output stages capable of superb sound. Our developers have worked the miracle of integrating all the essential music sources into a case which already houses the integrated amplifier function.

    The CALA® SR deliberately eschews a CD mechanism, because many present-day music lovers have replaced the CD with streaming or music services; this philosophy also allows the case to maintain a more compact format. The CALA® SR has everything the listener requires for the enjoyment of music.

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