Solid Tech ROS Reference Amplifier stand w/ suspension + EVO

  • The Rack of Silence has been designed with the objective of affording the optimal working environment for today's High-End Audio systems. Modern day high resolution audio equipment demands superior resonance control and vibration isolation, in order to reproduce the realism and musicality that is associated with a truly High-End experience.

    Basic shelves support 40kg (88lbs.) and the Heavy Duty shelves support 80 kg (176 lbs.)

    • Width: 27 1/2" 700mm
    • Depth: 19 1/2" 500mm
    • Height: 11 3/4" 300mm
    • Maximum Load Basic Shelf Suspended: 88lb 40kg
    • Width between Pillars: 20 1/2" 520mm
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