Solid Tech ROS Reference Amplifier Stand F1 - Carbon Fiber Amplifier Stand w/ Suspension + EVO

  • Is This the Best Amp Stand Ever?

    Is the Solid Tech Reference 1 Rack of Silence the best amp stand ever? Its advanced technology and innovative design can give your amp a performance boost like it has never gotten before from any other rack.

    Suspension Shelf

    The Reference 1 Rack of Silence amp stand consists of extruded aluminum pillars and a Suspension Shelf that is suspended from the support pillars using adjustable spring holders. Suspension Shelves allow free movement in both horizontal and vertical planes for the ultimate in vibration control and isolation.

    Stainless Steel Ball 'Feet'

    To place your component on the Rack of Silence, simply position four of the included stainless steel balls on one of the X-shaped shelves. Then set your power amp or other component on top of the balls, and enjoy the sonic benefits immediately. For even better performance, you can use Solid Tech's Feet of Silence or IsoClear feet.

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