Solid Tech Hybrid Turntable Shelf

  • With more than twenty years experience in high-end A/V rack manufacturing, including the award winning Rack of Silence and Radius rack, we are excited to announce the ultimate offspring, Solid Tech's Hybrid. Precision made, dynamic and designed to accommodate the best and continuously changing A/V systems as well as making an impression visually in the interior context. Solid Tech Hybrid - built by an enthusiast for Hi Fi enthusiasts!

    The new Hybrid rack system from Solid Tech lets you build your own custom rack and add to it as your system grows. It is designed for the Hi Fi enthusiast who values performance and style. The simple yet ingenious Hybrid system is based around very unique extruded aluminum corner pillars that let you layer your shelves the way you want, as well as allowing infinite height adjustments and even horizontal configuration. With different heights, two pillar finishes (silver or black), two shelves finishes (black or white), and an optional spirit level, the Hybrid rack systems offers almost endless combinations. The extruded aluminum pillars are internally re-enforced - with four tubes in a tube - which we dare to say - has the highest stiffness to weight ratio in the industry. This extremely high stiffness, combined with sand-fillable pillars, contributes to eliminate all resonances that might negatively impact your music. A felt padded brass connecting disc provides further isolation between each stackable pillar.

    • Includes integrated level (spirit level)
    • Black or white texture painted shelf is CNC milled from high quality MDF w/ high internal damping
    • When only supported in the corners max recommended load is 50kg (approx. 110 lb)
    • If the Hybrid's top most shelf is raised, and supports are placed between the Hybrid shelf and TT-Shelf, the load can be 125kg (approx. 275lb)
    • Dimensions: 695mm W x 520mm D x 22mm H (approx. 27.36"W x 20.47"D x 0.86"H)
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