Quadraspire Q4 Evo Wall Bracket

  • Evo Q4 Wall Brackets, are made in Bamboo and provide a rigid support for your main source component.

    Quadraspire's  HiFi wall brackets consist of a back plate with 2 arms that have holes for locating the adjustable spikes of the Q4 or SVT shelf and allows for precision leveling of the shelf. The Bamboo wall support, which is available in black or silver, can hold a component up to 40 kilos.


    • Wall brackets available for Q4EVO, Q4Large or SVT shelves.
    • Black or Silver bamboo wall bracket can hold up to 50 kilo component.
    • Wall bracket spikes available in Black, Silver or Bronze upgrade.
    • Shelves available in Cherry, Oak, Maple, Wenger, Black or Bamboo.
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