Musical Fidelity M6 VINYL Phono Stage

  • The M6 Vinyl was a labor of love for MF. They love phono, and relished in pure joy of designing a product of their dreams.

    Design Philosophy

    Musical Fidelity set out to make a phono stage without any practical limits. Essentially, in real life, you cannot overload the input stage or find any practical limitations in the output driving capacity. Single ended or balanced. It has three inputs, each can be set for either MM/MC and exact loading. It will remember those settings.

    It offers state-of-the art technical and sonic performance at a very competitive price and is the epitome of the true spirit of high end audio.

    Making Way For Pure Music

    The true point of any electronic, actually any audio component, is that you don't know it is there. You completely forget its existence. By that criteria the M6 Vinyl is almost perfect.

    It has no practical audible noise, it doesn't really have distortion, you cannot overload its input or output, you can load your cartridge perfectly. It exists to serve the music. To bring the artists intent, emotions and passion to your ears and heart.


    • Exact and precise loading for MM and MC cartridges
    • RCA and balanced outputs
    • 3 Inputs, load settings are stored for each input individually
    • Distortion: Less than 0.008 % 
    • Signal-to-Noise: -96 db (MM), and -86 dB (MC), reference 2 V 
    • Overload Margin: Better than 31 dB
    • RIAA Accuracy: +/- 0.25 dB (RIAA filter retains accuracy up to beyond 80 kHz)
    • Maximum Output: 10V RMS, 20V Balanced
    • Input Resistance Values: 10R, 25R, 50R, 100R, 400R, 800R, 1k2, 47k
    • Capacitance Values: 50pf, 100pf, 150pf, 200pf, 250pf, 300pf, 350pf, 400pf

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