Mission QX-1 Bookshelf Speakers

  • Compact size for flexible use

    The QX1’s neat, compact dimensions make it ideal for a wide range of applications. Its broad frequency response makes it ideal as a partner to a mini system in a smaller room. It also works well at near-field listening – perfect as part of a high quality desktop system. With a wide range of other QX speakers available, the QX-1’s are also the ideal choice as effect speakers in a home cinema system.

    Crystal-clear clarity

    Featuring a brand new ‘ring dome’ design, these Mission speakers offer the perfect balance of stunning musical detail with a smooth, low distortion output. Thanks to a twin cavity venting system, back-pressure is reduced, meaning the treble response can ‘breathe’. Offering low resonance and the purest detail, the QX speakers are a class above at the top end.

    Natural vocals and dynamic attack – in perfect harmony

    Formed from a mixture of soft pulp and acrylic fiber, the seam-free woofer is designed for effortless movement and maximum clarity. For the dynamic thrill you’d expect from Mission speakers, a clever DiaDrive, sub cone system transfers maximum transient impact directly from the motor system – meaning that the crack of a drum is crisp and instantaneous.

    Ultra-low distortion

    Mission have put much work into the QX-Series to reduce distortion. As well as the vented treble unit and DiaDrive woofer, a new slot port system enhances airflow leaving the cabinet. Reduced pressure here enhances the low frequency response without introducing distortion.

    Classic Mission geometry for seamless sound

    The reverse geometry layout (tweeter below the woofer) is a classic Mission design signature that works as well today as it always has. By positioning the treble unit below the woofer, the length of sound waves from each to your ears is equalized. Known as ‘time alignment’, this is the reason why this, and many other Mission speakers, sound so ‘together’ and up-beat.

    Sleek design with aluminium top plate

    As well as looking sleek, the aluminium top plate enhances the cabinet’s rigidity – lowering distortion even further. Another cool detail is the comb-tooth woofer trim. This neatly hides the fixing bolts and contrasts with the speaker’s smooth good looks. Available in Black wood, Walnut and White, there’s a finish to suit every room.

    • Freq Response: (Hz) 55 - 24,000
    • Impedance (ohms): 8
    • Power Rating (Watts): 100
    • Sensitivity (dB): 87
    • Speaker Dimensions WxDxH (mm): 195 x 255 x 280
    • Speaker Enclosure Type: Bass Reflex
    • Weight (KG): 6.3 each
    • Color: Black Wood, White, Walnut

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