Micromega MyZic Headphone Amplifier

  • The perfect complement to your headphones!

    A real amplifier for your headphones, because they deserve the same care and attention as your speakers. The second product in the My range launched after the worldwide success of  the MyDAC. The MyZic produces the same sound quality

    It is really easy to use, adjust the volume using the aluminum wheel. The MyZIC goes into standby mode automatically when no signal is being received. A professional quality NEUTRIK jack has been incorporated into the box to guarantee a stable, long-lasting connection.

    Created especially for headphones!

    An amplifier which has been created specifically for use with headphones produces much better sound quality than the headphone terminal of your standard amplifier, television, MP3 player or smartphone etc.

    The MyZic has an ultra-silent power supply which maintains the precision of your audio signal. MyZic’s internal circuit compensates for any impedance or sensitivity and works with any stereo headphones available on the market.

    Easy to install as part of your system!

    Your audio source simply connects via an analogue terminal at the back of the MyZic box. This input terminal is charged to 1 MΩ so that there is no charge in the source output.

    You can connect the amplifier to your speakers using the OUTPUT terminal. MyZic only turns on when a headphone set is connected to the front.

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