Micromega MyDAC Digital to Analog Converter

  • Micromega's MyDac is a fantastic asynchronous 24/192 DAC at a price far less than its performance would suggest. Incredibly wide soundstaging, well-controlled bass, and crisp, articulate highs all flow forth from this little miracle. You won't believe how good your digital setup sounds after integrating the MyDac into your system.

    With both USB and TosLink inputs, virtually any digital source can be improved by the addition of the MyDac.

    The MyDAC's USB input works in asynchronous mode up to 24bits/192kHz and accepts USB audio class 1.0 and USB audio class 2.0 modes without any driver implementation for Mac, and a custom Micromega driver for PC.

    The MyDAC also delivers measurably insignificant jitter in USB asynchronous mode thanks to two very low jitter master clocks (22.5792 MHz for multiple of 44.1kHz and 24.5760 MHz for multiple of 48kHz), with dedicated low noise power supplies, for the clearest, cleanest, smoothest sound imaginable from your digital files. The MyDAC uses no capacitors in either the audio signal path or the power supply path for an absolute minimum of electrical interference. 

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