LAB Gruppen Lucia 60/1-70 Amplifier

  • Compact Mono 60 W Amplifier for High Impedance 70 V Installation Applications

      • Compact mono amplifier which offers 60 W for high impedance speakers on 70 V distribution lines 
      • Comprehensive on-board DSP with loudspeaker processing and innovative features which enhance performance and simplifies system design and commissioning
      • Configuration software wizard for initial set-up and advanced editor for preset configuration (LUCIA connection via USB) available for Windows* and Mac*
      • Energy efficient with Energy Star* certification for supreme green credentials and exceptionally low lifetime running costs  
      • Automatic Dynamic Loudness Contouring adapts to optimize performance at any output level 
      • Comprehensive DSP features with per-channel presets for high-pass filter, parametric EQ, multi-band compressor and look-ahead limiter 
      • Optimized presets available for a wide range of loudspeaker models for fast configuration
      • Enhanced Bass Profile for extended LF response with small loudspeakers
      • Proprietary Auto Load Sense automatically sets VPL (Voltage Peak Limiter) for optimum performance with any connected load  
      • Efficient Class-D amplifier with low distortion and minimal heat dissipation
      • Compact form factor in a half-rack, 1U chassis with supplied bracket for discreet on-wall mounting
      • Configurable GPIO port for remote control (e.g. wall panel) for channel switching, level control and integration with paging systems
      • Comprehensive circuit protection for fail safe operation, including short circuit, thermal and under-voltage protection
      • Universal power supply supports 100 - 240 V AC at 50 or 60 Hz
      • Intelligent fan control for silent operation at idle and at lower output levels
      • Front panel power and fault indication as well as per-channel signal LED and attenuation knob
      • Balanced high quality analog inputs and amplifier outputs on detachable screw terminals
      • Parallel analogue input on unbalanced RCA connectors with optimized gain for mobile and other unbalanced sources
      • Rack mount kit, pole-mount kit and wall panel kits available as accessories
      • 10-Year Warranty Program*
      • Designed and engineered in Sweden
    • General

      Number of amplifier channels


      Max total output all channels driven

      60 W

      Max output voltage

      100 Vpeak

      Max output Current

      1.8 Arms


      70 V

      60 W

      100 V 1

      30 W

      16 ohms

      60 W

      Signal to Noise Ratio

      >100 dBA

      Gain, Sensitivity and Limiters


      100 Vpeak

      Sensitivity, balanced input

      4 dBu / 1.23 Vrms

      Sensitivity, RCA input

      -2 dBu / 0.62 Vrms

      Input headroom for clip, balanced 2

      12 dBu / 3.09 Vrms

      Input headroom for clip, RCA 2

      6 dBu / 1.55 Vrms

      Connectors and Buttons

      GPO (power state output) 3

      Contact closure type, 2 pins in a detachable screw terminal Default for external monitoring of fault/protection/power off


      For firmware update and configuration with the Application Browser software

      Connectors and Switches

      Input connectors (per ch.)

      3 - pin detachable screw terminals, electronically balanced

      Input connectors (ch. 1 & 2)

      Unbalanced RCA type

      Output connector

      2 - pin detachable screw terminal

      GPI 3

      2 channels of voltage sense type. 4 pins in a detachable screw terminal. Default functionality is output level for GPI1 and wake up from stand by for GPI2.


      Can be controlled and monitored by third parties via RS232 using both the GPI pins

      High pass filter

      This filter is in series with the other filters in the DSP and it is controlled with switches on the back. Settings OFF / 50 Hz / 80 Hz.

      Level adjustment (per input)

      Front panel potentiometer, detented from -inf to 0 dB

      Processing Features

      Input processing block 4

      4 EQ sections per input

      Mix matrix routing block 4

      2 in - 1 out mix-matrix controllable from GPI

      Output processing block 4

      4 EQ sections per output (presets available for many loudspeakers) User adjustable output look ahead limiter ADLC (Adaptive ISO 226 compensation)

      Latency from any input to any output

      User adjustable from 9.15 to 137 ms


      Nominal voltage

      100 – 240 VAC

      Operating voltage

      85 – 265 VAC

      Standby consumption

      <1 W

      Mains connector

      IEC inlet


      One fan, no filter required, front to rear airflow, temperature controlled speed. Can stay off if the sustained power average stays below 12 W and the ambient temperature is below 25 C

      Auto mode

      The power state is controlled automatically by the audio signal



      W: 216 mm (8.5”), H: 44 mm (1 U), D: 280 mm (11”)



      1.9 kg (4.2 lbs)



      Black aluminum front and black steel chassis



      CE, CSA, CCC, PSE, FCC, Energy Star

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