LAB Gruppen D200:4T Tesira Amplifier

  • The D 200:4T/Ta is based on the same foundation of robust, high-power amplifier technologies as our renowned PLM Series an amplifier platform with a proven record of reliability and sonic performance on the world's most grueling concert tours and in high-profile, large-scale installations.

    With the D 200:4T/Ta, those same core technologies have been updated and refocused to provide the ultimate solution for the most demanding digitally networked installed sound applications in stadia, arenas, theme parks, performing arts centers, racecourses and other large commercial sound installations.

    In addition to legendary Lab.gruppen reliability and sonic excellence, the D 200:4T/Ta incorporates newly refined outputs stage technologies along with installation-targeted hardware and software features that optimize amplifier system design and configuration. Uniquely, these 'Tesira-variant' models feature fully integrated onboard Tesira DSP and AVB connectivity for seamless integration with Biamp Systems' DSP platform. All together, these new technologies allow systems integrators to minimize both initial equipment costs and end users long-term energy consumption.

    Rational Power Management (RPM)

    At the core of the D Series platform is Rational Power Management (RPM), a proprietary Lab.gruppen technology that allows system designers and integrators unprecedented freedom to allocate the output power available on each channel for optimum performance with specific load conditions. RPM technology also enables the integrator to minimize initial equipment costs and reduce rack space requirement since with conventional installation amplifiers, it is often necessary to over-specify amplifiers to meet the maximum power demand on one channel, leaving excess power capacity wasted on the remaining channels. RPM reduces costly excess capacity by allowing re-allocation of output power capacity among the four channels - with each channel on the D 200:4T/Ta capable of delivering up to 5,000 W power output, leaving the remaining available power to be allocated to the other channels for less demanding loads. .

    CAFE for Green Credentials

    The D 200:4T/Ta can be configured and monitored using the new CAFE (Configuring Amplifiers For the Environment) software suite. In addition to providing comprehensive system surveillance and configuration of RPM features, CAFE includes an innovative design aid the Equipment Specification Predictor (ESP) that provides tools for optimum specification of D Series units. ESP examines the system and load requirements and then supplies recommendations for the installation that include model and quantity of D Series units, heat generated, channel distribution, and current draw. The end result is accurate mains management and precise specification of cooling systems and UPS, when required.

    Seamless Integration with Tesira


    All 3 power models in the D Series platform are available as Tesira variants for seamless integration into Biamp Systems comprehensive networked environment based on AVB protocols. The D 200:4T/Ta functions as a discrete high-power output device in the Tesira environment, with multi-channel audio inputs, control and monitoring all carried over a single Cat-5e/6 network cable. An analog input option is available for analog failover, which may be required in critical PA/VA applications. These are specified as separate model variant - D 200:4Ta

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