Kuzma Stogi S CE Tonearm with Cardas Copper wire

  • This is a very rigid, medium mass tonearm with precision ball bearings which, while withstanding very heavy loads, displays extremely low starting and running friction and noise levels. The main frame and all other parts are machined from solid aluminum blocks. Some parts are anodized and some are not, in order to help control tonearm resonance.

    The headshell provides a stable cartridge mounting, while the internally damped tube connects this to the massive bearing parts where any vibration or noise is dispersed. A decoupled brass counterweight controls balance and adjusts tracking force, while damping vibration in the tube.

    The massive arm base serves to clamp the tonearm rigidly to the armboard. All bearings are pre-loaded and glued into position which, while damping vibrations in them, also provides long lasting, zero play, low friction bearings. VTA adjustment is made by raising or lowering the tonearm in the arm base. Azimuth is adjusted by releasing a locking screw and manual rotation of tube. Wires are in one length from cartridge pins to RCA connectors. High quality wires are incorporated into our own cable. It is also possible to use the tonearm in a balanced configuration.

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