Isoclean Audio Grade Fuse

  • Audio/Video improvements:

    • Transparency
    • Details
    • Airy Spacious Sound Stage
    • Extends Top and Bottom Octaves
    • 24K Gold Plated Contacts
    It is well understood by most hi-fi lovers that a steady and clear power supply can raise the performance of hi-fi equipment significantly. However, the importance of good quality Audio Grade Fuse has always been neglected.

    Fuses always carry high electric current thereby causing metal fatigue. This would then adversely alter the conductivity behavior of the fuse element and hence the performance of the equipment.

    The new ISOCLEAN POWER Fuse is 24K gold plated. Not only it's metallic holder has been specially treated, each and every fuse has also been accurately measured and checked in order to bring your equipment to the highest standard.
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