iFi Retro LS3.5 Bookshelf Speakers

  • Want speakers that replicate the sound of your favorite bands playing live in your living room?

    The LS3.5s make it possible by turbo-charging your tunes and delivering studio-quality audio.

    Just as the artists intended.

    Speaks volumes.

    The LS3.5 speakers are made from bamboo, not just because it gives them a timeless elegance, but also because organic products rock. Literally!

    Bamboo removes distortion and creates a cleaner, natural sound.

    We know how much you love music, and we go to great lengths to produce pitch-perfect audio.

    Natural beauty.

    Made from elegant bamboo, natural silk and paper, the LS3.5s achieve stunning organic audio every time.

    The classy look of the LS3.5s is complemented with some stylish additions.

    Want pure sound? You’ll get it with its:

    • Silk Dome Tweeter
    • Paper Cone Driver

    And they’re time-aligned to ensure the sound waves from each speaker reach your ears at the same time.

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