iFi Nano iDSD Battery Powered USB DAC

  • iFi Nano iDSD DAC and Headphone Amp
    • The Portable iFi Nano iDSD Plays Any Size File with Extraordinary Sonics: True Native DSD/DXD/PCM Playback
    • The Only Sub-$500 DSD-Capable DAC - And Fits in Your Pocket. Take it Wherever You Want the Best Sounding Music
    Small enough to fit in your pocket, the iFi Nano iDSD DAC and headphone amplifier signifies the first time you can enjoy sterling DSD audio on the go. As the only sub-$500 DSD-capable DAC on the market, Nano iDSD sets a new price-to-performance benchmark that - until now - wasn't imaginable. In addition, Nano iDSD doubles as a hear-it-to-believe-it headphone amplifier. Equipped with a Burr Brown chipset powered by in-house software, iDSD unlocks new levels of playback on all formats. You will hear every music file as it was intended to be experienced.

    Native DSD, DXD, and PCM Playback: Incredible Sound

    Key to its overachieving performance, Nano iDSD boasts trademarked True Native DSD/DXD/PCM playback. That means you hear full high-definition USB audio, with support of both DSD (2.8/3.1/5.6/6.2MHz) and DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition, 352/384kHz). A specially selected Burr Brown native DSD/PCM chipset beats as the DAC's heart. What you hear is entirely pure. No manipulation. No coloring. Simply what you - and the artist - want, delivered in stand-up-and-take-notice sound.

    Doubles as a Seriously Great Headphone Amplifier
    Belying its super-compact size, Nano iDSD comes to play with the big boys with a powerful 80mW headphone amp equipped with trademarked DirectDrive technology. The latter is directly coupled for the shortest signal path and delivers higher power with lower distortion in comparison to most USB-powered devices. As a result, Nano iDSD drives everything from in-ear monitors to high-end open-back 'phones without issue. You get an incredible DAC and serious headphone amp in a device that's barely four inches long. No, you're not dreaming.

    Pick a File, Any Size, Any Format: Nano iDSD Has You Covered
    Sitting on a plane during an overseas flight? Don't worry. The Nano iDSD has a lithium-polymer battery that lasts for 10 hours, so your nerves will be soothed and emotions relaxed for the duration with the highly dynamic, consistently involving, and tremendously transparent sound. No matter the file size or format, Nano iDSD has you covered. So does Music Direct. With our Money-Back Guarantee, the only thing you have to lose is missing out on the groundbreaking experience that is the Nano iDSD DAC and headphone amplifier.
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