Nordost Heimdall 2 Power Cord

  • The new, second generation Norse Series power cords deliver a level of performance not previously possible at their price points. Nordost's proprietary Micro Mono-Filament construction creates a virtual air dielectric complete with an elegantly engineered suspension system. Combined with silver-plated OFC solid-core conductors and FEP insulation throughout, the result is the ideal electrical and mechanically controlled construction for ultra-fast, low-impedance current and voltage transfer.

    The complex topology of the MMF conductors is especially effective in dissipating mechanical energy present on the AC line, which otherwise enters your delicate electronics, while the low-storage characteristics of the air space construction also minimizes low-level charging effects that slug and blur dynamic response. Consistency of design and materials across the entire Norse Series means that you can easily create a clearly prioritized, no compromise system-wide cable solution, from wall socket to loudspeaker terminals, with each link in the chain specifically optimized for purpose, finally unleashing your equipment's full performance potential.

    Norse Series the fast track to superior musical performance.

    Micro Mono-Filament construction
    3 x 16 AWG silver-plated 99.99999 OFC copper solid-core conductors
    15 Amp capacity*
    10pF/ft capacitance
    4.0 Ohms per 1000ft/340m as terminated

    Terminated with high quality US (Nema), Schuko, Aus or UK 13A plugs and Fig-8, 15A or 20A IEC.
    Other connectors available to special order.

    Manufactured and hand-built in the USA
    * Dependent on termination

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