Focal Cub 3 Subwoofer Speaker

  • The iconic subwoofer Cub3 is designed to provide high-quality 5.1 sound. The Cub3 is a compact piece that incorporates only those functions strictly necessary to produce amazing sound. This makes it extremely simple to install and use.

    For optimal output, the Cub3 has a 21cm bass-reflex woofer and modern 150-watt BASH® amplification, allowing it to reproduce every nuance of the bass register.

    Its “soft touch” finish helps it perfectly blend into your home.

    To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Sib&Co line, Focal created a new subwoofer; ultra-compact and suitable for home cinema systems. The initial subwoofer in the line has been considerably simplified, with the removal of everything that was unnecessary for home cinema systems. Simpler, more efficient but just as powerful, Cub3 has fantastic resources considering its reduced size. Cub3 is the perfect companion for Sib and Sib XL loudspeakers, combining the best aspects of integration and performance.

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