Final Audio Heaven VI Balanced Armature IEM

  • The first balanced armature earphones that reproduce perfectly natural vocals.

    Final Audio has taken some core concepts of their Heaven IV earphone, tweaked them and applied them to their new balanced armature earphone: the Heaven 6. They've changed the housing from stainless steel to chrome copper and taken our Balanced Air Movement (BAM) mechanism to a greater level of performance. The result is the first balanced armature earphone that perfectly reproduces the sound of a human voice.

    BAM mechanism produces bass sounds and stereo spatial interpretations

    With balanced armature driver units, iron is driven to produce sound, and as such, these drivers face a number of problems, amongst which are "proving tiring to listen to", "having sound that is subtle and beautiful, but lacking in depth and being flat" and "lacking bass interval".

    At final, they decided to focus on developing technology for the reproduction of bass tones and three-dimensional space with the full-range reproduction of a theoretically unproblematic single driver unit, rather than taking things in a multiway direction. They went back to the beginning and reviewed the performance of the balanced armature driver, focusing our attention on something we had previously overlooked airflow inside the housing.

    Final developed the BAM (Balancing Air Movement), a mechanism that optimizes airflow inside the housing through the creation of an aperture in the driver unit, which is usually sealed.

    While achieving bass tones and deep, three-dimensional spatial representation, which proved difficult with single driver full-range reproduction, Final has a BA type that at the same time made for natural listening the user doesn't tire of.

    An original balanced armature driver unit with an aperture that is optimized for the BAM mechanism.

    Using BAM, which optimizes airflow in the housing, this driver unit has been developed to Final's own specifications and has an aperture arranged on the back of the driver unit, which is usually sealed.

    Machined with high precision, this has a highly rigid machined chromium copper housing, in line with the evolution of BAM

    Together with BAM, which has evolved further from Heaven IV, Final has created a new design, rethinking everything including how to maintain the BA driver. Machined from chromium copper, the housing necessitated an extremely high level of precision belying its simple external form.

    At the same time, to use the expensive and difficult to machine chromium copper housing in a product that was reasonably priced necessitated the development and introduction of a new processing method. The machining of hard, tenacious chromium copper was made easier than it was previously.

    With chromium copper and new BAM, Final has achieved a more natural sound quality than before. Above all, there is a distinct difference with previous BA types in terms of the naturalness of peoples voices and vocals, the easiest for the human ear to reconcile between good and bad. The lingering tones of vocals as they fade away in a large live music venue are unique to chromium copper. With this model, you can experience a spatial spread like never before.

    Original ear pieces available in five sizes

    Three types of ear pieces come with the product. The new E type employs two types of silicon differing in hardness for the sound conduit section and the section that comes into contact with the user's ear. Compared to the section that comes into contact with the user's ear, the sound conduit section utilizes a harder silicon with grooves in it, so as to combine strength with flexibility. Can be fitted into the user's ear while maintaining its round shape.

    For the section that comes into contact with the user's ear, soft silicon has been employed, making for a comfortable fit and a high level of sound insulation. Joining the E type and the five sizes it comes in SS/S/M/L/LL are the A type and the B type, which differ in terms of how airtight they are and in terms of bass reproduction (come in three sizes).

    An original cable that suppresses touch noise

    Compared to previous cables, this is more flexible. An original, flexible cable that suppresses touch noise.

    Color variation

    There are two color variations - CC (ion plating processing) and CG (gold metal plating)

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