Elipson Sound Tree

  • The Elipson Sound Tree is a unique creation in the world of high fidelity, born from the imagination of designers Maurizio Galante, Tal Lancman and Jean-Yves Le Porcher.

    It consists of a subwoofer with an integrated amplifier - the trunk - and 12 spherical speakers hanging from the ceiling - the fruits - linked together by fabric cables - the branches. The Sound Tree offers a highly versatile solution to listen to music in the most diverse places. By varying the placement of the speakers, it adapts to any space, from an intimate setting (living room) to a larger room (reception room, dining room...).

    Presented for the first time at the Milan Triennale during Design Week, the Sound Tree is rooted in the desire to develop a collection of "Haute Couture" sound objects.

    The subwoofer and the speakers boast a stunning lacquered finish, along with a beautiful aluminum protective grill for the speakers.

    Unparalleled in the world of high-end audio, the Elipson Sound Tree is an amazing and fascinating sound object.

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