Electrocompaniet ECM 2 Media Center w/DAC

  • The ECM 2 combines a media player with the DAC from the ECD 2 in order to truly reproduce lossless and high-resolution digital content. The ECM 2 will let you listen to high-definition audio, watch video in full-HD, and decodes DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD formats for optimal quality. The combination of bit-perfect audio streaming and the acclaimed ECD 2 let you enjoy your media collection like never before.

    The cutting edge digital audio and video electronics are combined with state of the art analog circuitry based on the design principles of Electrocompaniet. The result is an extremely low level of distortion, noise and jitter that will reproduce all your digital sources ultra-detailed and accurate, while still maintaining the warm and open Electrocompaniet sound.

    Choose your favorite devices to control the system.

    Experience the convenience of digital media by an intuitive and straight-forward interface. With all your music and movies at your fingertips, you can re-discover your collection.

    The system can be controlled by tablet, smartphone or via remote on the attached TV monitor /projector. The user interfaces are designed specifically to the various devices to offer the best possible experience while browsing, searching, and controlling the music and video. Simply download our free app or use any UPnP compatible app to control your system and browse through your collection.

    You can even use the ECM 2 as a stand-alone DAC. The inputs and volume can be accessed by the front panel, remote control or via your tablet or smartphone.

    Download remote control for: iOS & Android

    It doesn't matter where or how you store your media. The ECM 2 will reproduce everything with true high-end quality.

    The ECM 2 plays music, movies, and television shows from network attached storage, an usb disk or an internal drive. The internal drive is user-selectable. Insert a SSD for a vibration-less system, or a hard disk for storage density. If a hard disk is installed, it will automatically be turned off when not in use. Where ever you choose to put your media, the navigation will be instant and playback will be bit-perfect.

    When connected to the internet, information and covers for music, movies and TV shows will automatically be retrieved to let you get the most out of your collection.

    A high-end system for everyone

    The ECM 2 excels in its role as a high-end media hub in your music system. Not only can it play your high-quality music and videos, it also lets you access YouTube, internet radio and Spotify. Stream lossless music directly from Tidal or Qobuz (including 24-bit hi-res). You can also push your music and movies directly from your mobile device to the ECM 2. All this makes this system ideal for both quality and casual listening.

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