Electrocompaniet ECG1 Turntable

  • The Electrocompaniet ECG1 is a regulated belt drive turntable.


    The Electrocompaniet ECG-1 is a sandwich construction made out of three layers: acrylic and aluminum, benefiting from the internal dampening in the acrylic and the rigidity of the aluminum. This sandwich construction with its different materials increases the internal vibration dampening further, so the chassis will have no resonance problems.


    The ECG 1 is fitted with a platter made out of acrylic that is very similar to the vinyl material used in the record. The record is meant to be placed directly onto the platter, without the use of a platter mat. This ensures a strong coupling between the two parts, basically making the LP a part of the platter. The acrylic material in the platter has good internal dampening, so it won t ring like a metal platter.


    The ECG-1 turntable is fitted with a 24 Volt AC synchronous motor that is perfectly controlled by a 2 phase low harmonic analogue sine wave controller. An AC motor is very precise and will follow the frequency of the motor controller, without the complications and over engineering necessary with a DC motor (and it s steering).


    The Electrocompaniet ECG-1 turntable is fitted with the Jelco SA-750EB tone arm. It will handle phono cartridges weighing between 4 and 12 grams.

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