Egglestonworks Emma SE Floor Standing Speakers ***DEMO***



    The Emma SE : Towering Achievement

    You are witness to a revolution: a revolution in performance, quality and value. EgglestonWorks proudly introduces “Artisan Series,” a collection of loudspeakers which embody the EgglestonWorks DNA, yet are priced within the reach of every music lover!

    The Artisan Series–Emma SE tower and Nico SE monitor–are the result of a comprehensive research and development program whose goal was to create a range of affordable loudspeakers which maintain the sonic and aesthetic excellence for which EgglestonWorks has long been renowned. Compared to Nico, Emma adds a second woofer and greater enclosure volume, thereby improving both bass response and dynamic range. Both models are front-ported for maximum room friendliness and feature a brilliant evolution of EgglestonWorks’ iconic cabinet shape. Developed for our Flagship models, a CNC-machined aluminum baffle plate adds beauty as well as rigidity. The elegantly curved cabinet and flowing lines give Emma a sophisticated presence, equally at home in a living room or recording studio. Thanks to Artisan Series, it is now possible to own a pair of cost-no-object, handmade musical instruments for the price of mass-produced speakers.

    Gorgeous to behold, Emma’s beauty extends to its faithful and articulate reproduction of recorded sound. As with Nico, Emma performs like a much more expensive speaker, thanks in large measure to EgglestonWorks’ specification of drivers that are unique to Artisan Series. For the first time in EgglestonWorks history, we have developed proprietary drivers which cannot be found in any other loudspeaker brand. The result is a seamless cohesion from lowest to highest frequencies, a level of sonic excellence not possible with “Off-the-shelf” components: a new chapter in our history begins.

    Emma SE deliver the quality and beauty of cost-no-object speakers at a real-world price. Listen and be impressed!

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