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    Whether you're an audiophile or an amateur, you'll recognize that there's something special about the revolutionary Devialet PHANTOM wireless speaker from the Sight + Sound audio shop. One PHANTOM on its own will deliver implosive Hi-Fi audio, transforming the way you listen to music, with power and emotion. It exceeds and replaces your stereo systems, speakers, docking stations and home-cinema, thanks to several extraordinary engineering innovations.

    Exceptional Hi-Fi Sound

    One PHANTOM is loud enough to fill large open spaces with natural, ultra-dense, undistorted sound with no saturation or background noise from sub bass at 16Hz to ultra sharp sound at 25kHz up to 4500 Watts. Use two PHANTOM as the best Hi-Fi system in the world. Use three PHANTOM or more to create the ultimate multi-room system.

    Flexible Connectivity

    PHANTOM plays all your music through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections. The Spark App allows you and your friends to connect using Wi-Fi with support for local files, Tidal, Deezer, Qubuz, and Spotify. Pairing is a breeze with Bluetooth connectivity that supports all typical streaming options (Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, Netflix.)

    Portable Audio Design

    PHANTOM transcends the barrier between portable and quality sound. It offers a beautiful, compact, design which complements every room and is small enough to move where you need it, but doesn't compromise sound quality. Imagine hoisting a comparable Hi-Fi system from room to room every day. PHANTOM is fast and easy to set up in any room. It's spherical shape is part of the Devialet's research-based performance design.


    Price isn't based on size, but rather exceptional quality. In the case of PHANTOM, its portability adds to its value with the need for only one Hi-Fi system. The convenience and right out-of-the box quality is exceptional for its size and price.


    For the audiophiles out there, the Devialet PHANTOM is a technological work of art which will only get better with time. At the heart of PHANTOM beats what made Devialet the most-awarded company in the history of Audio: the ADH Intelligence. This combines the refinement of Analog (or Class A) amplification with the power of Digital (or Class D) amplification. The SAM Processing technology is then used to control the drive units to perfection, reproducing the exact acoustic pressure recorded by the microphone. Together, the ADH Intelligence and SAM Processing create the only engine in the world capable of driving what makes PHANTOM implosive: the Heart Bass Implosion.

    The HBI consists of two Devialet-exclusive high-excursion bass drivers, moving in perfect symmetry in order to create a sound that has a physical impact and a density never before achieved. PHANTOM is the fruit of 10 years of Research and Development in the Devialet Laboratories, and embodies close to 100 patents. Although extremely complex on the inside, PHANTOM is the expression of simplicity and elegance on the outside. It is controlled by the revolutionary SPARK application and orchestrated with DIALOG, an intelligent audio router that creates a new experience of multiple sound devices architecture.

    Connect to PHANTOM and watch its woofers breathe as the rich bass sounds breeze past. Sight + Sound audio shop is proud to bring you this revolutionary wireless speaker that will forever change the world of sound.

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