Densen SB-1 Analog Pass Through Board

  • The SB boards (Surround Boards) are a revolution for new features.  The SB boards are add-on boards for all integrated and pre-amplifiers (except the B-200). This is a very easy and sonically superior way to enter the world of home cinema or Super Audio system.

    All our products are initially dedicated 2 channel products, but with the SB 
    boards you get 5.1 and 7.1 line input and 5.1 and 7.1 line pre-out. This means that you can easily connect a surround processor, DVD-player or SACD-player. If you have a system consisting of a pre-amp and 2 channel power amp, with the SA boards implemented you can then connect a B-340 (4 channel amplifier) and then have 6 channels (5+1) of high grade amplification.

     The SB boards exist in two versions; The SB-02 board is the standard version with a competitive price, allowing for easy Surround. SB- 01 is the reference version, with extremely high quality pre-amp stages.

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