Densen DNRG Power Supply

  • Densen products are not only built to last; they’re also built to be upgraded along the way. Nearly all of their amps, CD-players, and tuners have been prepared for upgrades. 

    Improve and expand your musical experiences at a favorable price and without compromising on design, build quality and sound. You can start out with a very simple system and end up with a high-end active system, just by upgrading.

    The Densen DNRG upgrades, are external power supplies designed to significantly upgrade and improve the performance of Densen products.

    It is an effective way of improving the sound, without having to sell your current Densen product. The DNRG power supply is discrete and an elegant cure for the ever continuing lust for even better sound from your Densen system.

    A simple solution that allows upgrades of most Densen products, the DNRG consists of a transformer and 120.000 uF capacitors and a power supply tailor made to improve the sound of most Densen products.

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