Densen De-Magic Demagnetizing CD

  • Updated in 2011, the new Densen De-Magic CD is now more potent than ever. Fine-tuned to perfection and with an ultra-clear transfer, the new De-Magic delivers better results than the previous Gold edition.

    All electronic parts (resistors, capacitors etc) contain small amounts of magnets. Due to the DC leakage from all electronic equipment, these magnets will gradually be orientated in one direction, and when this happens it will start to affect the signal transfer through the system. This will lower the quality of the signal. With a very special signal the magnets can be reorganized so they are not only located in one direction. When this re-location has been done, they will not affect the signal any more.

    The result of this re-location (or de-magnetizing) is astonishing: transparency, dynamics, details, soundstage, and all other parameters will be extremely improved. This effect simply has to be heard to be believed.

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