Densen CastAMP Power Amplifier / Google Cast Streaming

  • Densen has for years been working on streaming solutions, but realized over time, that the real challenge is not to make the WIFI receiver, but to make sure, software stays up to date, and from an audio point of view: avoid WIFI interference inside the cabinet and most importantly, secure superior sound quality.

    Out of this came the idea of using an external WIFI source, instead of installing the high frequency receiver close to sensitive audio circuits inside the cabinet. Using the GOOGLE CAST receiver, the Densen CAST AMP has a dedicated Densen CAST power supply, which is an extreme low noise PSU, to secure that the GOOGLE CAST has perfect working conditions.

    On top of that, the Densen CAST AMP has a dedicated optical input, allowing the GOOGLE CAST to perform at its best, with the highest possible data quality. Densen has even developed a dedicated power cord to connect the GOOGLE CAST to the CAST AMP.

    This power cord is shielded, to avoid interference, and securing an optimal performance. Further a Densen developed a Toslink cable to complete the setup, and naturally, this optical cable is optimized for use between the GOOGLE CAST and the CAST AMP.

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