Densen B-800 Mk III Tuner

  • When Densen launched its B-800 FM tuner, it became an instant hit, receiving several awards over the years, and becoming a hit for Densen. In generation 2 the B-800 was upgraded with RDS. Now with 3 generation Densen has improved the design in several important areas, to perfect the performance even further. 

    As usual for a Densen design, everything is designed in-house by Densen, and no external consultant has been used. This is a part of a clear strategy for Densen to have all competences in house. 

    In the B-800mk3 the front end is a completely new design, which are hand calibrated before each unit leaves the Densen factory. Further to that the user can calibrate the front end in 2 steps, to match it perfectly for various signal levels. 

    Internally the front end is encapsulated, to avoid high frequency interference with the delicate audio circuits. The power supply contains a custom made transformer, and Densen's own capacitors with a total capacity of 20.000uF making the B-800mk3s power supply rather unusual for a tuner. Further to this, the B-800mk3 contains the possibility of upgrading with Densen's DNRG external power supply. 

    B-800mk3 contains the possibility of upgrading with a DAB module, however Densen has decided not to launch such a module at present, since Densen Head Honcho Thomas Sillesen simply things DAB sounds to poor.. 

    Seen from the outside the B-800mk3 can give the impression of a simple tuner with an easy user interface, however under the skin, the B-800mk3 contains several advanced features, that allow the user to adjust search level to choose the minimum level of signal quality of stations the tuner should stop at and DX/local adjustment and gain level on the front ends input. Most of these features can be adjusted on the back of the B-800mk3, as the front only contains the primary adjustments. However the gain of the front end is adjusted by Densen's unique Gizmo remote. 

    Since Densen have designed all in the B-800mk3 themselves, the software can be upgraded if the function of the B-800mk3 is altered. 

    The analog stages, have had Densen's strong focus, and as usual for a Densen design, they are class A stages with no feedback at all. Compared to the earlier incarnations of the B-800, the new circuits are further refined, and as a result, the B-800mk3 has an even more transparent and dynamic sound than the older incarnations, while preserving the strong detail level, precise soundstage, and generally musically performance.
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