Densen B-320+ Stereo Power Amplifier

  • The B-320PLUS is the successor to the critically acclaimed B-320 and is built directly on the B-320. The B-320 was the most sold Densen power amp ever. Now it has been tweaked and fine tuned to deliver an even more impressive performance. The B-320 contains an output stage built using Densen's unique DMCD technology. This makes the B-320PLUS extremely fast and precise, while retaining 

    unlimited control of the speakers that are connected. The bandwidth is also extreme and goes to 400.000Hz, resulting in improved slew-rate. This amplifier has - like any Densen amplifier - the capability to drive any loudspeaker on the market. The sound is fast, transparent and dynamic while still having the refinement of a true musical performer.

    The B-320PLUS is built using surface mounting techniques and the components are mounted to a precision of 0.02mm using silver solder. All soldering are made in an artificial nitrogen atmosphere to avoid oxidation of the soldering. The power supply is massive and consists of a 800VA transformer, with a storage capacity of 100.000uF with 4 separate rectifiers, of which the 2 are capable of 3.000VA. Unusually for an amplifier, the capacitors are not all mounted in a capacitor bank; some are located next to the output stage for faster power delivery.

    All resistors are laser-trimmed Vishay metal film with a precision of 0.1%. As a special feature, the emitter resistors consist of twelve 0.1% metal film resistors in parallel (per output transistor = 96 resistors in total), ensuring no induction and, at the same time, a large surface for passing the substantial audio signals to the output terminals. Since they are in parallel, they actually have a much improved sonic signature compared to the conventional solution with a single resistor. The B-320PLUS delivers 2x100W at 8 ohm, and 2x200W in 4 ohm. The mains transformer is wound in a special way to lower the noise floor and actively function as a shielding transformer.

    By using a new power supply set-up, the B-320PLUS also has an extremely "dark" background, which makes the amplifier sound extremely controlled, but still provides lots of emotion and spark.

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