Densen B-275 Plus Reference Pre-Amplifier

  • Densen now introduces the new top of the line pre-amplifier; the B-275. The B-275 may mark a landmark leap for Densen, but actually is a well proven design, having being used internally at Densen as reference for several years. Now when it has become commercially available, it has been refined to meet the needs of discerning audiophiles around the world. 

    Densen has always had a strong attention to the power supplies of their products. Over the years this has resulted in Densen using exclusively their own power supply capacitors which are designed specifically for the circuits they are being used in, instead of relying on standard capacitors. The Densen power supplies has always contained several separate supplies, focusing on clean power to all stages of the products, and the transformers have always been custom made and most of them encapsulated in epoxy to minimize vibrations influence on the delicate audio signals on the PCB board. Now Densen takes these attentions to details to another level, with the introduction of the Densen B-275. 

    The Densen B-275 is the first Superleggera product from Densen. The term superleggera will not be unfamiliar to connoisseurs of advanced sports cars, as this Italian term, meaning super light weight, has been used to describe the chassis of some of the best and most famous sports cars ever made. 

    The B-275 simply let the music breath more freely, due to the removal of unnecessary weight. This is in line with Densen's effort in previous models, where the attention has always been to make a light cabinet, but here it is obviously taken to extremes with the 2 cabinet solution. 
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