Densen B-200 Plus Pre-Amplifier

  • The Densen BEAT-200PLUS is the most classic product, currently in Densen's line. It was at the forefront of audio in 1994 when it was launched, and still it is a reference pre-amplifier, especially with the new PLUS version, which has resulted in an even more refined sound and performance. As you would expect, it bears the Densen trademark of engaging musicality, but the BEAT-200PLUS is also technically sophisticated and is fully engineered for the Gizmo system remote. 

    The B-200PLUS marks the beginning of a new phase for Densen, as it contains several unique, exciting solutions.

    Sound wise the B-200PLUS is – as with all other Densen products – designed with the absolute highest sound-quality as its goal. From the second the signal enters the B-200PLUS there is no compromise. The input selection is done with a special version of CP Claire’s best relay. The CP Claire PRME 25005 is a mono relay, providing the B-200PLUS with relays for both left and right signal - and a total of no less than 18 CP Claire relays, though the layout of the signal path means that the signal will travel through an absolute minimum of relays.

    From the input relays the signal is sent to the first stage of the pre-amp. Normally the signal would be sent directly to the potentiometer, but by starting with the first amplifier stage, the amplifier stage can be designed not only to take care of its normal function, but also to interact perfectly with the volume potentiometer that follows it.

    This ensures that signal sources with inferior output-stages will still work perfectly with the B-200PLUS, because it is easier for them to work with the input stage rather then with a potentiometer that changes electrical characteristics with the volume setting.

    From the volume potentiometer the signal is sent to the final stages of the B-200PLUS. The last stages are designed to be able to drive long cable runs, enabling it  to work perfectly with several power amplifiers at once, even if they are placed along way away from the B-200PLUS. This is done by making the output-stage a 6W Class-A power amplifier with no feedback… Naturally the amplifier stages are totally discrete designs, using ultra-fast transistors and massive power supplies.

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