Densen B-120LE Integrated Amplifier

  • In 1992 Densen introduced its first integrated amp, the DM-10, which immediately became a world wide success. Now 20 years later, Densen introduces a limited edition amplifier to celebrate the first 20 years of Densen amplifiers.

    In the last 20 years, Densen's integrated amplifiers has established themselves as a formidable music performer, which has received recognition all over the world.

    Densen has worked on all parts of the B-120 integrated amplifier. The pre-amp stage bears witness to this, with an extreme low noise floor that allows music to stand clear with a “black background”. This lets the music come to life without being artificial and sound pure and clear. The pre-amplifier stage is based in topology of the B-250 pre-amp from Densen. The power amplifier stage is also based on the B-150 integrated amplifier but here in a 2x75w version and using the same circuitry.

    The B-120 comes in Densen's traditional sleek fascia, showing only 6 small push buttons on the front. These buttons allows for the control of the standby function, input selection, volume, status, and processor loop (and possible build in surround board or DAC board).

    The B-120 design goal was to create a package that belies its price, and make true high end available at a price and quality, which has to be heard to be believed.

    The B-120 will be made in a total of just 100 pieces worldwide. These will be divided in 50 pcs in Black finish, and 50 pcs in Albino finish (“silver” aluminium). Each unit will come with an engraved serial number on the top cover, and a certificate of authenticity.

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