Canton Sub 600 Subwoofer

  • Canton's powerful, active subwoofers all follow the bass reflex principle and ensure a solid bass foundation in a compact design. Generous reverberation systems with aluminum or titanium speaker membranes combined with 3rd generation wave surround technology ensure precise mechanical performance. The room compensation technology, integrated in the larger models, allows the speakers to be adjusted to suit the acoustics of the room.

    Powerful active subwoofers work subtly and ensure a solid bass foundation. As power-pack for every home cinema system, they convey the emotions of the film. Their generous reverberation systems combined with patented Canton wave surround and aluminum membranes give the systems their precise mechanical performance.

    The integrated room compensation technology allows the speakers to be adjusted to suit the acoustics of the room and the listening habits of the user.

    • Compact, timeless cube design
    • Solid cabinet construction
    • Long range bass tone system with wave technology
    • Aluminum membranes in dual-compound construction
    • Amplifiers with high and low-level inputs


    The subwoofer with its cube design has a high capacity amplifier to give a thrilling bass tone foundation.


    All Canton subwoofers work on the bassreflex principle; some models are further refined by the use of a bass reflex pipe with a passive membrane.

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