Canton Reference 9K Bookshelf Speaker

  • The Reference K Series marks the beginning of a new age of sound. Characterized by the classic virtues of the Reference family, a constant drive for innovation and a focus on the fundamental elements of sound, it strives for ever greater perfection. A perfection that is achieved in an impressively practical way.'

    Innovative driver technology

    The drivers of the Reference K Series have been comprehensively redesigned. To maximize their rigidity while maintaining optimum internal damping, the woofer and midrange cone drivers are now also fitted with a ceramic-tungsten membrane. Not only does this enhance their outward appearance, but it also ensures a precisely controlled swing-in and swing-out behavior across the whole transmission range. The natural resonance is therefore always outside the transmission range.

    Perfected tweeters

    Ceramic is a unique material in the world of sound. That’s why the Reference tweeters have evolved still further to include a one-piece ceramic dome for the K Series. The one-piece wave guide, which first appeared in the Reference Jubilée, now supports the dispersion characteristics of the K system.

    Striking TCC midrange system

    The triple-curved cone membrane of the midrange speaker with its ceramic-tungsten structure represents an optimum design standard. Together with the new, tripled-folded wave surround, it gives extreme rigidity and excellent balance in terms of the swing-in and swing-out behavior through to the highest frequencies. Another new feature in the shape of the high quality front rings made from die-cast aluminum increases the mechanical stability of the driver system.

    Innovative woofers

    The woofers now also come with a ceramic-tungsten membrane. This gives optimal control of the surround behavior, allowing perfect bass tones at all volumes.

    First class components

    Perfection is all about the detail. This is why the components of the Reference K loudspeakers are carefully checked and acoustically optimized.

    The results are impressive right down to the very last nuance of sound.

    New crossover

    With noticeably lower frequencies and crystal clear higher levels, the new crossover system ensures an even greater frequency range. With the exception of the Reference 9 K, all models in the series work as 3-way systems.

    Optimized connection terminals

    Four gold-plated metal screw clamp terminals, suitable for cable diameters up to 10 mm² and banana plugs, enable bi-wiring and bi-amping operation. The high quality of the components used results in virtually loss free signal transmission. The models 1 K and 3 K also allow fine-tune adjustments to be made in the midrange and tweeter ranges.

    Exclusive cabling

    The six-wire internal cables that have been specially designed for the CANTON Reference models, complete with a special core and high-end sheathing, secure optimum signal transmission from the connection terminal through the crossover to the individual loudspeaker systems.

    Exclusive look

    The cabinets of the new Reference K Series are wider and above all deeper than before. This gives them an extremely compact appearance while simultaneously increasing their internal volume.

    The multi-layer laminate used has a wall thickness of up to 50 mm and the elaborate internal reinforcement reduces natural vibration to a minimum.

    Solid foundations

    For the first time, CANTON’s own bass reflex system with Base-Guide® has been used in the freestanding loudspeakers of the Reference K Series. The bass reflex port is built into the cabinet and operates on the down-fire principle: The air is controlled by a channel set into the base plate and fed to the front and back of the cabinet. This gives an extremely stable bass resonance regardless of its position in the room.

    Massive resonance

    The base plates have been redesigned to be even more massive. New spacers optimize the flow and ensure an even more effective separation of the cabinet and base plate.

    Internal reinforcement

    The computer-optimized multi-chamber structure of the Reference loudspeakers uses elaborate internal reinforcement to suppress the natural vibration of the cabinet. Each driver is acoustically isolated in a precisely defined resonance chamber within which it is able to operate optimally.

    Perfect surfaces

    The surfaces on Reference loudspeakers are as exquisite as the technology used inside each cabinet. First impressions are positive. Second impressions are awesome.

    The color tones and wooden surfaces underline the highly sophisticated character of the Reference loudspeakers.

    Piano Finish

    The high gloss, smooth and robust piano finish is applied and polished in up to twelve layers. It gives extraordinary depth to the surface of the cabinets of the Reference K Series.

    Loudspeaker Covers

    Acoustically optimized fabric covers with magnetic fastenings complete the exclusive look.
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