Canton ASF 75 SC Active Subwoofer

  • Canton ASF 75 SC 8" Subwoofer is a slim-profile subwoofer, wall mount or slide underneath a piece of furniture, comprises 8" Aluminium woofer power amplified up to 120 Watts.

    Depth Gauge | Authentic and impressive

    Emotions need a solid base to be truly effective. To really fathom them out it is necessary to dig deep. Here you can feel the sonorous humming of the soul and the powerful moments of existence. Life pulses in the background and releases its enormous energy.

    Compact build, extremely powerful, flexible installation

    High-capacity active subwoofers are the powerhouse of every sound system. They offer a solid bass tone foundation while transmitting the emotions of the plot.

    Their generous reverberation systems combined with patented Canton wave surround and aluminum membranes give the systems their precise mechanical performance. The integrated room compensation technology allows the speakers to be adjusted to suit the acoustics of the room and the listening habits of the user.

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