Canton AR-500 Floor Standing Speaker

  • Speakertype and technique

    AR-500 is a 2-way compact speaker which is "Dolby Atmos Enabled". It can be placed on top of an existing Front- or Rear- Floor standing or compact speaker of your Home Cinema system or as an On Wall speaker with the integrated wall mount. Thanks to a special construction it allows a vertical Sound dimension. The result is real 3D-Sound. Listen to airplanes flying over you, rustling leaves over your head or rain pelts on your shoulders. In addition to attachment speaker on top your floor standing- or compact speaker, AR-500 is thanks an integrated wall mount perfect for hanging on the wall. As an On Wall speaker AR-500 can be used as a Stereo or effect speaker in an existing system or only as a pair of stereo speakers.

    Terminal and surfaces

    The stable gold-plated screw terminals, which accept cable sizes of up to 10 mm2, bring a high degree of conductivity and guarantee reliable long-term contact to ensure optimum signal transmission. Perfectly concealed in the cabinet (Hidden Connection), this allows it to be installed close to the wall. The AR-500 speakers are lacquered, sanded and sealed with a high gloss lacquer in an eight-stage process. They are available in black and white “high gloss” finish. The robust and acoustically neutral fabric covers hide the technology from view and fit neatly over the baffle. The black and the white model of AR-500 are available with a black fabric cover.

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