Cabasse JAVA MC40 Floorstanding Speaker

  • The Java offers a taste of world re-known Cabasse co-axial technology combined with twin 17cm woofers in an elegant cabinet. Combining technology and tradition, the Java engages the emotional power of the SCS technology,giving a superb open and sweet sound whatever the user's musical passion the Java delivers.

    Nicely finished and understated, MC40 Java's excel at easy placement, work in a very wide variety of rooms and situations. Cabasse's SCS inspired Java works with a very wide range of equipment and price points. Superb with valve amplifiers and low powered Class 'A' solid state designs too.

    Amazingly coherent and inviting, incredibly open, large sweet spot (90% available anywhere in the room), yet no loss of focus. Articulate and dynamic yet retaining the subtleties within the music. Elegant and easy sounding, the MC40 Java has the ability to grace your home with style and very pleasing sounds.

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